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WHO is Biz Sense?

Debi Schneider-Howland IS "Biz Sense"!


She is a Fempire Certified Business Coach with 26 years (and counting) of entrepreneurial experience and expertise.


You do NOT have to be alone on the journey as a business owner, so let's see if Debi could be the right coach to help you and your business to reach the goals and dreams that you've always envisioned (that's not just fluff -- it's real stuff)!

Debi is ready to partner with you to help you work through and around the challenges that come with being a business owner because she lives and breathes it daily just like you do!

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WHAT is Biz Sense?

With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial leaders and relate to the challenges of business ownership, Biz Sense is owned by an entrepreneur who has experienced struggles among the successes and has even lived through rebuilding a primary business TWICE due to the economic market and pandemic.


Biz Sense has been privileged to provide guidance and expertise to all types of entrepreneurs in varying situations and industries.


Come find out for yourself what Biz Sense can do for you and your amazing business!

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